Monday, October 29, 2007

Battery Rumors Untrue

Today, in an article about Shai Agassi’s new startup, the New York Times incorrectly reported that the production delay we announced was caused by “battery related issues.” I spoke with John Markoff, the author of the article, and he said he was apologetic for the error and will issue a correction and change the story [...]

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Evolving Landscape of EVs

Editor’s Note: From todays Wall Street Journal

Hybrid or All-Electric? Car Makers Take Sides
Debates in Tokyo
Highlight Tensions Within Industry
By JOSEPH B. WHITE in Tokyo and NORIHIKO SHIROUZU in Utsunomiya, Japan
October 24, 2007; Page A13
“Big auto makers revving up efforts to electrify automobiles are taking shots at each others’ strategies, in [...]

Monday, October 15, 2007

Handing Over the Keys III

A critical part of the sales, marketing, and service function at Tesla Motors is to help inform product development and engineering decisions based on a customer perspective, a part of what we call “product marketing.” When validation prototype 10 (VP10) was built, one of the things we planned to use it for was to put [...]

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Pixels and Polygons

So there it was. With a strange sense of accomplishment, I took it all in. The silver Roadster’s windshield was smashed, spider web cracks fanning out in all directions from under the mono-wiper. Along the driver’s side of the car, from nose to tail, the paint had been scraped away by what only could only [...]

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

3-Phase Motor

3-Phase Motor

I have now got the electric motor. It is a 3-phase induction motor by CMG. I have had a cog machined up to fit onto the shaft of the motor. The motor will sit in the frame with the cog slightly forward of the original gearbox output, so i have to extend the chain by 3 links. I have had some motor mounting brackets made but they need some modification (the chain sits on the swingarm at the moment).The motor is designed to take 380V-415v at 50Hz in star configuration. It is a 4-Pole motor and the speed of the motor when supplied with this is ~1425RPM at 82% efficiency. I am looking at running the motor in delta configuration which is 220V-240V at 50Hz, the efficiency is still 82%. Because the motor is actually 4-pole. I should be able to hopefully (this depends on how the motor is wound) make a modification inside to change the poles so that instead of in serial they are parallel. This will then bring the motor voltage into the 110V-120V range. Which is about the voltage of the battery pack that I'm planning on using. If i can do this it will simplify the inverter design.I have also painted and fitted the mirrors.