Tuesday, July 14, 2009

CivicConversion: Dilemma

After a few days of daily driving, we have decided that we need to upgrade the controller. The Kelly just won't make some of the hills, dipping down to 5 MPH because the continuous power of the controller is 160 AMPs and I need more like 250 AMPs.I thought it would have been fine because the other controller that was recommended to me was a Curtis 1221c, which is similar to my Kelly with 400 AMPs peak, but instead only 150 AMPs continuous.I was going to build the Open Source EV Controller, but I planned on taking my time slowly building it over a period of a few months to iron out any kinks and give it a thorough testing. So now I have to research production controllers and I am currently looking at either the Curtis 1231C, Logisystems and the new Synkromotive controller. Right now my eyes are set on the Synkromotive controller since it has the highest continuous current of 400 AMPs and a peak of 650, so it would be a HUGE performance increase.I also have put up my spare parts for sale on Craigslist and DIY Electric Car Classifieds to fund this controller upgrade:http://www.diyelectriccar.com/forums/showthread.php/ev-parts-lot-sale-33926.htmlI am hoping anyone out there will pick up these parts since it's a great deal, and a great way to get started on an EV project.Here are the links to the Open Source EV Controller:http://ecomodder.com/wiki/index.php/ReVoltAnd this is the Forum Post on Ecomodder, a good read and a must read for anyone wanting to learn about this controller: http://ecomodder.com/forum/showthread.php/paul-sabrinas-cheap-144v-motor-controller-6404.html

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