Monday, July 20, 2009

ElectricCarsIreland: Can 50cc Scooters Save You Time and Money?

by Donald Mihajlov
The economy has everyone in a position to look for ways to save money. Well this is one time that you can save money by spending money. Go out and look at some 50cc scooters and after you spend that small upfront investment, you are going to be amazed at how much extra cash is in your bank account.
As the cost of gas goes up, filling that monster that you drive around in is costing you a small fortune. Figuring that the average car gets about 20-25 MPG, you could be filling up your tank as many as 3 or 4 times a week. At $50 or more a fill, it gets pretty pricey. Wouldn’t you rather fill up your ride once a week and only spend about $15 to do so? With a 50cc scooter, you are going to get anywhere from 80-100 MPG and that means a lot less money being spent at the pump.
Parking in the city is never an easy chore. It can even be a problem when you are running out to the grocery store. Make a life a little easier on yourself and do these tasks with a 50cc scooter. You can park just about anywhere with them. No more driving around the lot for hours waiting for someone else to pull out. You can be in the front row anytime you like!
Traffic jams are another reason that you may want to consider a scooter. When everyone else is stacked up, you have plenty of space to get by and can get to where you are going in half the time it would have taken you in your car. That scooter is starting to look pretty good right now isn’t it?
While these are some of the reasons, there are plenty of other ones as well. Think about the lower insurance rate that you are going to have to pay and how about the time that you will save because of some of the things we mentioned above. Lose your frustrations and save a few bucks in the process by merely traveling around the city on a 50cc scooter.

About the Author:
Steven M. Mihajlov is a writer and a scooter enthusiast. He loves scooters because they are fun and they assist Americans in dealing with the economic crisis. To Find Fast Electric Scooters or Cheap 50cc Moped Scooters, visit


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