Saturday, July 18, 2009

ElectricCarsIreland: Electric Cars: The New Generation Of Motoring

by Michael Skatoli
In the next year electric cars, or zero emission vehicles (ZEVs) as they are sometimes called, will be an everyday sight on streets right across the globe. The stuff of science fiction movies will have have become science fact.
Basic electric cars are already for sale to car owners in some places and are ready to become a lot more sophisticated and widespread in the next few years.
The idea of an electric vehicle is nothing new, it has been around for a number of years. That said, the pressing need to reduce carbon emissions in a bid to slow global warming has sped up the development of this next generation of road transport.
Consumer electric cars and ZEVs are already being manufactured and will shortly be widely available in showrooms around the globe. We are already familiar with hybrid vehicles, which have been in existence for a few years. These vehicles alternate between electric and gasoline propulsion to aid in the reduction of emissions. Electric cars take clean motoring to a higher level, in that they have no emissions whatsoever - they don’t even have a tail pipe. The advantages of this are likely to be dramatic, especially in polluted city areas, as electric cars and ZEVs become more widespread.
So how does the electric car function? Electric vehicles use electric motors and motor controllers in place of the conventional internal combustion engine. Rather than standard gasoline, these vehicles are propelled by electricity from battery packs, although new methods of energy storage are being developed that should replace batteries in the not too distant future. As we speak, special refueling stops for the electric car revolution are springing up on roadsides around the world where drivers can stop and refuel their electric cars, just like at a normal filling station.
That said, for some motorists, the transition from the traditional gasoline car that we all know and love to electric cars and ZEVs will require a significant leap of faith. However, electric cars have so many advantages that the transition should be a pretty painless one.
Running costs - The fact that electric cars are more economical to run and cost less to maintain will likely win over their most steadfast opponents. Drivers will get far more miles for their dollar and the cost of maintaining these cars is set to be much cheaper than servicing a normal car.
The environment - As electric cars become more common, the benefits to the environment will be very significant. This is particularly the case in large city areas where smog and air pollution at street level presents a serious health hazard to people.
Some concerns do remain over electric vehicles, such as how long it takes to recharge battery packs, the top speeds and acceleration of the cars, and concerns such as handling and performance. That said, as car producers invest more and more resources into perfecting these vehicles, these issues are likely to be dealt with sooner rather than later.

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