Monday, July 13, 2009

ElectricCarsIreland: Get Yourself A Really Slick Electric Scooter And Cut Down On Your Fuel Expenses

by Kyle Zoltowski
Cars, trains, buses, and motorcycles are not the only way to get from one point to the other. With the soaring price of gasoline, electric scooters are becoming a very popular and inexpensive alternative.
In response to the constant spike in petroleum prices over the past year or two, it is said that electric scooter sales have increased by a factor of 2. There are a few types of scooters; they vary in cost, ability to hold a charge, color, size, weight, and style. There are some very cool design out there now to make buying an electric scooter a very easy decision.
There are several different types and styles of electric scooters nowadays. Electric scooters come in 6 different forms: two-wheeled Vespa style, two-wheeled stand-up, two-wheeled side-by-side, two wheeled seated, three or four wheeled mobility, and three and four wheeled seated. These scooters also have differences in speed and ability. So, they vary widely in price. But, these scooter have a common denominator - they are all battery powered from electricity. The batteries require periodic charges regularly for the electric scooter to run. Some electric scooters can be used indoors and outdoors. Also, some electric scooters are made to fold up and can be stored away very easily. The size required for storage is almost nothing; a vehicle takes up part of your yard. More and more folks today are buying scooters instead of cars.
Best Buy, electronic super giant just announced plans to begin selling electric scooters. A spokesperson for Best Buy said Best Buy will be offering electric scooters, segways, and electric bicycles. Not only will Best Buy be selling these items, they will offer basic service and repair for these electric scooters. They will sell expensive electric motorcycles and inexpensive electric scooters to provide a selection in this market. Professionals have stated that this is a gamble for them and others think it will fail. But, electric scooters are so popular today that with a sales floor like Best Buy, they would not have a problem being grabbed off the store floor.
Electric scooters give us a low-cost, quick, and low-maintenance method of travel in the world. Not only is maintenance minimal, fuel (electricity) is much less than gasoline, electric scooters can sometimes be folded and need a small area for storage. Many people today are jumping on the bandwagon and getting an electric scooter. With the ever-growing price of oil and the cost of owning and buying a car, electric scooters are gaining popularity in large proportions. Also, people are very attracted to the space savings and reduction of pollutants to our environment. Think about how clean the air can be if all used an electric scooter to travel. Also, electric scooters speeds are increasing as production of new models increases. Many of the modern types of scooters can go up to 80 miles an hour. The better speed abilities makes a scooter an even more attractive alternative to a car or gasoline run automobile.

About the Author:
Kyle Zoltowski is a journalist with more than 12 years editorial experience. Kyle is working as a journalist with our b2b site and is considered the company authority on gas saving tips. Be sure to visit our great web portal for more information on Electric Scooters and Motor Scooter.


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