Friday, July 10, 2009

ElectricCarsIreland: Get Yourself A Really Great Electric Scooter And Cut Down On Your Fuel Bill

by Kyle Zoltowski
Cars are not the only way to travel nowadays. With the rising price of gasoline, electric scooters are gaining popularity as an inexpensive alternative.
Because of the weekly spike in petroleum prices over the past year, it is said that electric scooter sales have gone up 200%. There are several types of scooters; they vary in cost, time in driving for each battery, color, size, weight, and style. There are some very amazing designs out there now to make getting an electric scooter a very appealing choice.
There are several different types and styles of electric scooters out there. Electric scooters come in 6 different forms: two-wheeled Vespa style, two-wheeled stand-up, two-wheeled side-by-side, two wheeled seated, three or four wheeled mobility, and three and four wheeled seated. These types also vary in speed and power. Because of this, they vary widely in price. But, these scooter have a common denominator - they are all battery powered by electricity. The batteries need to be plugged in regularly for the electric scooter to run. Some electric scooters can be used indoors and outdoors. Also, some electric scooters are made to fold up and can be stored away very quickly. The size required for storage is minimal; a vehicle a lot of space. More and more folks today are ditching the vehicle and getting an electric scooter.
Best Buy, the computer, electronic, and entertainment giant just announced plans to dive into the electric scooter market. A spokesperson for Best Buy said Best Buy will be offering electric scooters, segways, and electric bicycles. Not only will Best Buy put these scooters out on the floor to be bought, they will offer basic service and repair for the new offerings. They will top knotch electric motorcycles and simple electric scooters to allow for a larger selection. Many people say that this is a risk for them and many think it will fail. Though, electric scooters are so popular today that with a sales front like Best Buy, they would not have a problem being grabbed off the store floor.
Electric scooters are an inexpensive, quick, and low-maintenance way of getting around in today’s world. Not only is maintenance minimal, fuel (electricity) is less expensive than gasoline, electric scooters can sometimes be folded and require little space for storage. Many people today are jumping on the bandwagon and getting an electric scooter. With the ever-growing price of gasoline and the trouble of owning and purchasing a vehicle, electric scooters are becoming very popular. Also, people are very attracted to the space savings and reduction of pollutants to our environment. Think about how clean the air can be if there were no more gas burning vehicles. Also, electric scooters speeds are increasing as production of new models increases. Many of the modern types of scooters can go up to 70 miles an hour. This increase in speed capability makes a scooter an even more attractive option than getting a car.

About the Author:
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