Tuesday, July 14, 2009

PickensPlan: Pickens Plan Media Coverage 7.14.0

Democrat House Candidate Supports T. Boone Pickens’s Energy PlanThe Clark Fort Chronicle – 7/13/09
V Vehicle ExcitementMonroe News Star – 7/14/09
Alternative Energy Projects Find A Foothold At Regional UtilitiesThe Day (CT) – 7/13/09
Jason Brudereck: Exeter Graduate’s Work Brings Ray of Sunshine to Energy PictureReading Eagle – 7/14/09
Remember When It Was $4.50?Stockton Record – 7/14/09
New Senate Bill Looks to Offer Massive Tax Breaks for Natural Gas VehiclesDaily Tech – 7/13/09
Natural Gas, It’s Green, But in What Sense?KABC’s Green Right Now – 7/13/09
A Massive Expansion Of Nuclear Projects?24/7 Wall Street – 7/13/09
A Response to Sarah Palin Column on Cap-and-TradeSt. Louis Political Buzz Examiner – 7/14/09

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