Thursday, July 16, 2009

PickensPlan: Pickens Plan Media Coverage 7.16.09

Public-Policy Stars to Come Out at Green Energy Summit Las Vegas Review Journal – 7/16/09
American and China Pledge to Study Energy-Efficient Building PracticesNew York Times – 7/16/09

Massive Shale Gas Field Found in BCSlave River Journal – 7/15/09
Natural Gas: Coming to a Vehicle Near You?The Motley Fool – 7/15/09

Addicted to ElectricityTulsa World – 7/15/09

5 Ways to Cheaper, Cleaner Energy at – 7/16/09

Huge Wind Farm Project in Texas on Hold, But Not ScrappedDC Environmental Policy Examiner – 7/15/09

Will Obama Make the U.S. Another Brazil: Part II- Ethanol Cars 101Phoenix Green Business Examiner – 7/15/09

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