Friday, July 17, 2009

Plugbike: Electric Motorcycles And Powersports On Twitter

I’ll tell you what;  I have a lot of admiration for full and part time bloggers. It is not easy to crank out one post a day much less 2, 3 or 4. AutoBlogGreen, David Herron, Environmoto, Brammo FanAsphalt and Rubber and others are all rock’n it in the 2 wheeled ev world with great posts. (hint: add to rss reader) I’m working on becoming a regular blogger and will get there!
If love twitter, please skip to the list below :D
Luckly when news gets slow there is Twitter. Please forget the Twitter cliché’s. Many people wander onto Twitter without a purpose and say “huh? Lame”. There is just way too much information unless you know how to filter out the noise and hone in on what you are interested in.
If you read this blog you are into a very targeted niche. People who are fanatical about certian niches will read everything in existence about it and tell you what they think is worth reading into further.  They do this by posting a link to it on twitter with a short summary of why it’s worthy.
Today happens to be “Follow Friday“. On “FF” Twitter users will mention other users they feel are worth following and add a #followfriday or #FF hash tag in the tweet. The hash tag gives the tweet a keyword makes it easy to search for.
So, here is my #FF for people who are into Electric Motorcycles and powersports in general. I’m sure I missed a few and I will add to this list over time so please message me (put @skadamo in a tweet) on twitter of leave a comment with your suggestions…
Journalists – People who follow and write about 2 wheeled EV’s:
Electric Motorcycle General
@skadamo (me)
@PlugBike :D
Elmoto Motorcycles
Mission Motors
Zero Motorcycles
Xtreme Green Products
@ttxgp – TTXGP / eGrandPrix Organizers
@bullet39 – Rob Barber of Team Agni
@torkindia – Team Tork India
General EV
Hash Tags
Here are some twitter keywords you can monitor. Search for them at and subscribe to the search in your RSS reader. Or you can download TweetDeck and set up a search for the tag.

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