Sunday, July 12, 2009

Tronbikes: TBMNet Update

The "new" computer (TBM2) is reading the controller and GPS, a TCP server runs on it to deliver to whatever client I dare create via WIFI. I tried connecting the original iPAQ via USB and "usbnet" with moderate success - the USB is not recognized until I unplug, then plug the iPAQ back in, a process currently requiring screwdrivers and removal of parts. Boo.Then I got nasty ill that night and yesterday and only started again today, pondering that QTOPIA interface again. I tried to build the X86 version with no luck so far, and am about ready to just go straight to the iPhone - dump the iPAQ, hide the TBM2 and only expose one screen.At least a basic text readout would be nice on the TBM2, and would make it usable. Right now it just shows a picture of the goofy Linux penguin (Tux).In other ev news, it looks like a group in S.Cal has another 911 conversion kit...always tempted by the stinky fumes and low mileage...

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