Monday, June 28, 2010

In the name of science part II

Friday, June 11, 2010

Think Test Drive

Czysz Power


Mark Miller's victory in yesterday's TTZero race on the Isle of Man makes Michael Czysz look like a potential King maker. Both TTxGP and FIM's ePower are going to be desperate to see the E1PC taking part in their races. The leading TTxGP teams Agni and Lightning Motors will have mixed feelings about taking on what is probably the fastest and certainly the coolest electric motorbike yet raced. The danger for ePower and TTxGP is that if they don't persuade Michael Czysz to compete in their races they will inevitably take on the role as the second division of the sport. The existing TTxGP teams won't want to lose by a huge margin against the E1PC but nor will they want to be big fish in a small pond. I am no expert in the back-room politics of electric motorcycle racing, and of course while both race series use the same rules we might see the E1PC race in both series... but reading between the lines it seems that neither ePower nor TTxGP are automatic shoo-ins for Michael Czysz. They will both be regretting that now that he has the power to make or break their series.

(Correction: Changed Zero/Agni and Lightning Motor's team names - thanks: David Herron)

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Tuesday, June 8, 2010 presentation

Here is the first (and I hope last) presentation that I ever have to
up load to Slideshare. Actually, uploading the slides was easy...
adding the audio made me go from frustration to anger to resignation
to depression.... but it seems to have worked.

...oh and vote here:

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