Thursday, September 1, 2011

Mission R wins Core77 Design Award; Tim Prentice Describes the Industrial Design

Recently, Mission Motors’ electric superbike, the Mission R, won a Core 77 Design Award. The design magazine presented awards to winners in 15 different disciplines, and the Mission R won the transportation category. The Core77 jury praised the Mission R for its cutting-edge industrial design, the quality of its execution and its role in making electric vehicles exciting and aspirational. The Mission team was proud to work with industrial designer Tim Prentice of Motonium on the Mission R. This award represents a great opportunity for Tim, in his words, to describe the experience of styling the world’s most advanced electric superbike. —– In the Beginning One afternoon in September 09 I got a call from my friend James Parker who said he was working with a start-up company in San Francisco called Mission Motors to develop their new electric superbike, the Mission R. I’d worked with James on several projects over the years and he thought that I might be interested in working with him and Mission. At the time I knew very little about electric vehicles but thought it might be a good chance to learn more, so after a phone call with Mission, I headed for their office in San Francisco. [...]

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