Monday, April 2, 2012

It's the Battery: 2012 CODA all-electric battery system explained

2012 CODA is powered by a safe and efficient lithium-iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery pack with an extraordinary 10-year, 100000-mile limited battery warranty[1]. Get dependable range of up to 125 miles [2] per charge. Our Active Thermal Management System provides constant battery care to help optimize the battery pack's performance in hot and cold weather conditions[3]. Learn more at 1] Longest period mileage combination in the non-luxury compact battery electric (BEV) class. 2] Best range in the non-luxury compact battery electric vehicle (BEV) class. The 31kWh MY2012 CODA has an EPA rated range of 88 miles per charge and can easily achieve 125 miles in the federally mandated laboratory test that simulates city driving (commonly called the LA4 city cycle or Urban Dynamometer Driving Schedule). Actual range and vehicle performance will vary depending on personal driving style, speed, traffic, temperature, weather conditions, and cargo load. 3] When plugged in or driving, the MY2012 CODA's Active Thermal Management System will heat or cool the battery to help maintain the battery integrity and consistent driving range in a variety of temperatures.

Credit: codaautomotive

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