Thursday, May 17, 2012

Zero Motorcycles Races 4 Production Zero S ZF9 - TTXGP

This summer marks the first time that a production electric motorcycle class exists and Zero Motorcycles was the first manufacturer to enter with four 2012 Zero S ZF9s. The class, known as the North America TTXGP eSuperstock, is only open to entrants who are piloting a production electric motorcycle. This means any owner of a stock 2012 Zero S could actually compete (as long as they have a racing license). Not only were Zeros the only models competing in the eSuperstock class, Zero Motorcycles actually took 1st through 3rd in the open class which included two specialized independent eSuperbike teams and a manufacturer's eSuperbike team. An impressive showing for Zero and, unlike the other competitors in the open class, you can actually own the winning motorcycles today.

Credit: zeromotorcycles

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