Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Re-test Victpower A123 cells after 9 month sitting

In this video i'm showing how stable are my cells that i bought from victpower last year. I ahd tested them in march for capacity and internal resistance ( with old crapy RI meter but their result was pretty accurate over the cells. I recall that we had ordered over 130 cells and we took 10 randoms cells to test their real performances. In the following video i proceed to measure their voltage and internal resistance and overall shape to show you how stable they are from cell to cell and how they preserved their shape without any sing of leak or current leak or any change in their original physical and electrical state. The result is that over all 10 random cells from the 130+ qty, all their voltage is with in +/-2mV and their internal resistance is under 0.8miliohm ! The cells still look strong and sealed just like when i received 9 month ago. I can say i am really satisfied with these results. About teh capacity test i will retest them soom, but i can say that usually with stable result like that i'm pretty sure that it doesn't changed at all. Doc, from the endless sphere forum


Credit: doctorbass

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