Sunday, January 20, 2013

Solar-charged EV 'heavies' will rule the future


albert-grahamBack in June of 2012, I wrote about the development of Electric Vehicles (EVs) here in Paris via the Autolib car share program.

Since then, and in talking with many friends here in France about EVs, I have almost without exception encountered the pushback question: “Yes, Albert, but isn’t electric driving just all about driving around in those little toy sized cars”?

Presented with this question, I have had to invariably (until now) concede that most EV models I had knowledge about (other than the Tesla Roadster) tended towards small, low-powered, lightweight frames.

Frankly, I just hadn’t heard much about the big wheel, or “heavy” EVs. I kept telling myself, however, that surely the EV + PV model had to have applications and examples in the larger vehicle, that is, the “heavy” category.

So I set out to look for them. And I must say that I was pleasantly surprised I did not have to go very far to find examples here in France to dismiss this myth.

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