Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tesla Model S kicks some Dodge Viper butt

editors-blog-entry3Predictably, the gas Neanderthals [maybe I should pull a GM and trademark this term ;-)] are claiming this video (above) showing a Tesla Model S leaving a Dodge Viper in the dust is a farce, that it's a so-called case of "sandbagging", meaning an allegedly incompotent driver of the gasoline powered Viper not doing the Viper justice.

And, I'm oh SOOO sure that the critics could FOR SURE do so much better than this driver because they're way more "manly" than him, right? (Sorry, to me, it really does seem as if this is ultimately all about a misplaced and outdated macho notion in which the old "stickshift" car ends up taking a backseat to the "feminine", one-gear EV, thereby offending some folks' ridiculous and narrow sense of "manliness").


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