Monday, February 18, 2013

NYT fesses up on Model S-Gate -- Sort of

NYT-tesla-follow-upeditors-blog-entry3A quick follow-up to my entry on the NYT-inspired “Model S Gate”: The New York Times put its Reader Representative Margaret Sullivan on the Tesla Model S case. In an entry published today (Feb. 18), Sullivan concludes that NYT reporter John Broder wasn’t as careful as he should have been in following written directions which explain how to properly do a long-distance trip in a Model S. She also chides Tesla for not sufficiently emphasizing the proper long-distance Model S regimen with Broder.

However, the real news in terms of my previous entry in which I contend Tesla CEO Elon Musk is right to take on gas cars on their home field, the long-distance road trip, is that, sadly (believe me, I would love for most consumers to give EVs a fair chance), a bunch of the comments below Sullivan’s article confirm what I argue in my earlier column: The average person emphasizes convenience and versatility above ALL other factors when weighing whether to ditch an old technology (gas cars) for a new one (pure EVs).

Check out this doozy of a comment from “Nancy” from Great Neck, complete with “high” caliber grammar and spelling -->


Believe me, there are many other similar comments below Sullivan’s entry.

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