Thursday, March 28, 2013

Texting solar-charged drivers just as dangerous

texting-driver-on-highway2editors-blog-entry3I’ve written frequently about the texting/surfing while driving epidemic (‘Texting and driving like playing Russian roulette’; ‘Time to put brakes on texting & driving epidemic’; ‘Don’t text and die’; ‘Computerized cars answer to texting epidemic’).

And, without fail, I never get a single comment on those entries.

It’s as if the life and death issue of texting/surfing while driving -- clearly it is a matter of life and death, both for the selfish, short-sighted people who do it, anyone in their vehicle, and anyone in a vehicle around them -- doesn’t matter to anyone.

Or maybe people who read this blog think texting/surfing while driving is irrelevant to solar-charged driving, though, it very definitely is relevant: Someone who texts/surfs while driving a solar-charged electric car is just as much of a disaster waiting to kill/maim/injure someone as a texting/surfing gasoline car driver.

So, why am I so fired up, again, about texting/surfing and driving? The lead story in today’s USA Today is about texting/surfing while driving.

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