Friday, May 31, 2013

How Can I Watch The 2013 Isle Of Man TT Zero?

I figure the 2013 TT Zero is as good a time as any to knock the dust of I’ve been following the build up to this year’s TT Zero as much as possible over the blogs, FB, twitter, etc. Looks like another great race is coming up and more frustration trying to watch it virtually. [...]

2013 SES TT Zero Day 1 Qualifying Times

Looks like another close battle is in store for between the Mugen and MotoCzysz teams. The qualifying times show a strong improvement by Mugen and McPint over last year. Mark Miller also commented on facebook that his time has improved. Rob Barber also had a much faster lap than last year. Who knows what the [...]

Riding a C5.

C5 final touches.

Transport Evolved Episode 152: The GeekCast Evolved!

Join EV journalist Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield, Mark Chatterley, Aaron Crocco and Chelsea Sexton as they celebrate the three-year anniversary of Transport Evolved. The Show Notes have been thrown away, and the quartet talk everything under the sun from electric cars to computer games!   Subscribe to the show via iTunes, Youtube or This show is sponsored by  


Steve Atlas On-Board - AFM Formula 1 Race Start - Sonoma, 2013

Steve Atlas starts from the last row of the grid and gets a front row seat to some club racing carnage!

Credit: brammo

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Tesla's solar Supercharger network gets better

You gotta hand it to Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk: He knows how to make Tesla look good, and the competition look, well, just plain behind the times.

Tesla's quickly building out its network of solar-powered EV charging stations at which Tesla Model S owners can fill up on clean, green sunshine for free. In fact, soon -- no later than 2 years from now -- you'll be able to drive across pretty much all of the lower 48 in the U.S. and not pay a dime for your fuel.

Supercharger Announcement

Tesla announces a significant expansion of the Supercharger network. Supercharging enables Tesla Model S drivers to travel long distances, for free, indefini...

Credit: teslamotors

Blink Fast Charge Rates

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Free Period for Quick EV charging comes to a close

For sometime now charges have been levied for public 240v charging. The much faster 400v DC quick charging has remained free. Until now that is. Here is a copy of an email I received today Blink announced they are introducing … Continue reading

VIDEO of New European Electric Bikes!

Enjoy this video of some of the new European electric bikes. One of the bikes has the batteries hidden in the fork of the bike!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Spring means more solar-charged EV miles

tom-moloughney-2013Now that spring has rolled in the temperature isn't the only thing that's going up: So is my solar electric production.

My 8.775 kW system can produce up to 60 kWh a day under ideal conditions. That's enough to power my all-electric ActiveE over 200 miles, or enough to power it about 100 miles and supply all the power my house needs for an average day.

Pretty cool stuff. Powering my car and my house for the day on pure sunlight is really awesome.

Transport Evolved Episode 150. Luurve Child

Join EV journalist Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield, Mark Chatterley from Zero Carbon World, and John Voelcker from Green Car Reports as they discuss the week's news in the world of electric cars, including North Carolina's attempt to thwart Tesla from selling cars, a cheaper home EV charging solution, Nissan's new partnership with GM on vans, and Idaho's bad reputation for transportation pollution.Plus news from Fisker, the EU, and Wheego.Full show notes available here.Subscribe to the show via iTunes, Youtube or Blip.tvThis show is sponsored by


E-Bike News: Portable Solar Charger, New Stealth E-Bikes, NYC Ban, & More [VIDEO]

Checkout this portable solar charging solution from EcoSpeed!  It can plug directly into their batteries with a custom converter. The panels are not cheap but it is exciting to think about the possibility of solar charging while out and about.  It could add a new dimension to e-bike touring. May is national bike month in the US. [...]

Monday, May 13, 2013

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Episode 120 One Way

Recorded May 8, 2013

Featuring Paul Guzyk, Tony Schaefer, Jon B and your host for this week, Russell Frost

Paul talks about Colorado and tax credits for alt-cars.
Russell talks about traffic patterns and how they affect efficiency and quality of life.
Jon B talks about vehicles names (and numbers).
Tony talks about Maximum Bob's latest venture, converting Fisker Karmas with V-8 Cadillac motors.

M4A Podcast File:

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Light Up the Night! Ferei Bike Lights Review

Review of the Ferei LED headlights and headlamps. Lots of pictures!

Transport Evolved Episode 149: On A (Silent) Roll

Join EV journalist Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield, Mark Chatterley from Zero Carbon World, and guest Mark Larsen from as they discuss the week's news in the world of electric cars, including Tesla's first profitable quarter, how EV charging is finally taking root, and a new law which could make charging your EV in California easier.Plus news from Better Place, Renault, Nissan and the U.S. DoE.Full show notes available here.Subscribe to the show via iTunes, Youtube or Blip.tvThis show is sponsored by


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Understanding Electric Bike Modes: Throttle vs. Pedal Assist (Pedelec)

In this article you will learn about the different throttle types (twist grip, thumb, push button), pedal assist types (torque sensor and cadence sensor) and which mode may be best for you.

Your Clothes, American Made

In light of the recent tragedy in Bangladesh, here is a short list of designers and manufactures of clothing that is made in America. One thing I noticed when trying to buy American is that finding a list of designers with the total manufacturing process in the US is a complicated process. Here are some of my favorites. Sword & Plough … Continue reading »

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Green Overdrive: Electric scooter sharing with Scoot!

Your iPhone becomes the dashboard!

Credit: gigaom

Green Overdrive: We drive a fuel cell fork lift!

Oorja produces fuel cells so forklifts can keep going and going and going.

Credit: gigaom

Green Overdrive: Wrightspeed Unveils Its Factory

Check out their digital drive system.

Credit: gigaom

Green Overdrive: A test drive of the Ford electric Focus

Ford unveils its all-electric Ford Focus and we take it for a spin around San Francisco.

Credit: gigaom

Green Overdrive: Mercedes Fuel Cell Car!

The luxury automaker will slowly roll out 200 of these hydrogen powered cars over the next year. What are they like to drive?

Credit: gigaom

Green Overdrive: The Official Prius Plug-In

Before Toyota officially rolls out its plug-in hybrid Prius, take a sneak peek at this prototype.

Credit: gigaom

Green Overdrive: Getaround

Take an exclusive look at the new car sharing app.

Credit: gigaom

Green Overdrive: Test Driving the All-Electric i MiEV

We drive around in Mitsubishi's little electric car.

Credit: gigaom

Green Overdrive: Driving the Porsche Cayenne S Hybrid!

For this week's Green Overdrive show we drive Porsche's Cayenne S Hybrid, a hybrid car that gets 21 to 25 MPG, and has some nifty green features, like coasti...

Credit: gigaom

Green Overdrive: We ride a Tesla Model S Beta!

We take a first look at the hotly anticipated new sedan from Tesla.

Credit: gigaom

Green Overdrive: Tesla's Model S Alpha

We take an early look at the future flagship car for the high-end electric automaker.

Credit: gigaom

Green Overdrive: A Year of Electric Vehicles!

We look back on 2010, to wrap up the big news and our favorite rides of the past year.

Credit: gigaom

Green Overdrive: Diggler Electric Scooter

The Diggler is a two-wheeled seatless scooter, but is the ride as fun as its name?

Credit: gigaom

Green Overdrive: The Fisker Karma

We take a look at the second ever production extended range vehicle!

Credit: gigaom

Green Overdrive: Ford Escape Hybrid

Right now, it's just a experiment, but Ford is working with utlitities to study EVs and power consumption in the real world.

Credit: gigaom

Green Overdrive: Onya Cycles!

We test drive Saul Griffith's electric, heavy-lifting, and tilting Onya Cycles.

Credit: gigaom

Green Overdrive: Fortune Hanebrink EV Off-Road Bikes

Go off-roading with this beefy electric powered mountain bike.

Credit: gigaom

Green Overdrive: ZAP

ZAP's been around forever, will the partnership with China be the strategy they need to break through?

Credit: gigaom

Green Overdrive: Jay Leno's Green Garage!

The big dog of late night takes us on a tour of his eco-friendly garage, and for a ride in seriously antique electric vehicles.

Credit: gigaom

Green Overdrive: Coulomb EV Charger

Every EV needs to charge up, and Coulomb is powering the technology for these digital "pumps."

Credit: gigaom

Green Overdrive: KleenSpeed EV Race Car

Who says EVs can't burn some rubber. Cruise around the racetrack in this prototype.

Credit: gigaom

Green Overdrive: Chevy Volt

The extended range vehicle is a big bet for Chevy, we put it to a (small) test on a track.

Credit: gigaom

Green Overdrive: Wrightspeed's X1 EV Racecar

Watch as this protoype blows the doors off a Tesla on the track.

Credit: gigaom

Green Overdrive: Homebrew Eco Cars

Before the big automakers got hip, enthusiasts were already building their own electric and alternative fueled cars.

Credit: gigaom

Green Overdrive: Brammo Motorcycle

This peppy little bike has a top speed of 85 mph, but is as quiet as a church mouse. We take it for a spin.

Credit: gigaom

Green Overdrive: Put a Plug on Your Prius

Learn how you can get 100+ MPG with your Prius by adding a whole lotta battery.

Credit: gigaom

Green Overdrive: Folding Electric Scooter

We take Lit Motors electric scooter for a spin.

Credit: gigaom

Monday, May 6, 2013

Episode 119 Less is More

This week Danny Cooper, Russell Frost, Tony Schaefer and Linda Weidemann discuss driving less and more.

M4A Podcast File:

Episode 118 Cat on a Roomba

This week Danny Cooper returns and joins Russell Frost, Linda Weidemann, Tony Schaefer and Jon B for the discussion.

M4A Podcast File:

Friday, May 3, 2013

Remembering Coda Automotive

It is always a pleasure to talk to people who contact Elithion with inquiries; with one noticeable exception: Coda Automotive. Two years ago, we got a call from the Senior VP of Engineering at Coda Automotive. If memory serves, the … Continue reading

Thursday, May 2, 2013

The New A2B Electric Bikes from HERO Eco!

The A2B electric bikes are back with speeds of up to 28 mph and stated ranges of up to 40 miles! HERO Eco Group recently acquired the A2B bike line and they are in the process of relaunching the updated A2B bikes around the world. A2B has been busy with recent launch events in Germany, [...]

ASG: Ford C-Max Energi – Best Environmental Performance for Compact Vehicle

On Earth Day, I posted a blog on how “green” is the Ford C-Max.  I overlooked a site that chose the Ford C-Max Energi.  The Automotive Science Group created the Automotive Performance Index incorporating social, environmental and economic performance factors … Continue reading

Wednesday, May 1, 2013