Wednesday, June 19, 2013

EVs WILL have to match gas cars to win out

rreditors-blog-entry3EV advocates and journalists like to indicate that somehow it's ridiculous/preposterous, or both, to imply that pure EVs will have to go as far as a gas car goes on a tank of gas and easily be refueld in 5 minutes or less.

Indeed, these advocates often state that it's a "myth" EVs need to match gas cars in order to go fully mainstream, as Nikkie Gordon-Bloomfield does in the lead paragraph in a recent entry on PlugInCars.Com, Electric Car HyperCharging is Hyperbole, For Now.

Gordon-Bloomfield writes -->"There is a pervasive MYTH (my caps) that electric cars must have five-minute refueling times, and travel 500 miles between charges, before they become mainstream."

Actually, it's not a complete myth that EVs must match gas cars on range and fueling in order to go mainstream.

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