Sources for EV Voices

The purpose of EV Voices is to gather blogs, podcasts and videos from around the Internet that is owners and promoters of electric vehicles talking or writing about the vehicles.  That is, to gather all the voices speaking about electric vehicles in one place, so they can speak more loudly.

Brammo (youtube user: brammo) - Manufacturer of electric motorcycles

Chevy Volt (youtube user Chevrolet) - A plug-in hybrid electric car manufactured by Chevrolet.

Fully Charged Show (youtube user fullychargedshow) - a Podcast & video series by Robert Llewellyn about electric vehicles and clean energy systems.

Green Overdrive (youtube user gigaom) - An occasional series from GigaOM about electric vehicles.

Tesla Motors (youtube user teslamotors) - Manufacturer of high end no-compromise electric cars

Zero Motorcycles (youtube user zeromotorcycles) - Manufacturer of electric motorcycles

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